Balkan Policies for
“Green” Economic Growth


Antoaneta Apostolova
Mayor Slatina District, Sofia Municipality

Antoaneta Apostolova is mayor of Slatina District, Sofia Municipality. Before that she has been manager in the building and trade industries.

Besim Beqaj

Minister of Economic Development
Republic of Kosovo

H.E. Besim Beqaj was appointed the Minister of Economic Development in February 2011. He was
previously the Minister of European Integration. Minister Beqaj has broad experience in the  business sector as well as government. In addition to having worked closely with the business sector while at the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, he was the Advisor to the Prime Minister in the  Government of Kosovo. He later took on the job of Kosovo National Coordinator for the Stability Pact for SEE.
Minister Beqaj earned BSc and MSc degrees from the University of Zagreb in Croatia. He finished the European Doctoral Program on Small Business Administration and Management at Univeristat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain and Vaxjö University in Sweden. He completed his Doctoral Studies at the University of Zagreb in Croatia and his PhD thesis on Development and Management of New Products in Kosovo at the University of Prishtina. Minister Beqaj is also a Fulbright Scholar; he taught and performed academic research in the field of Economic Integration in Southeast Europe at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago Kent College of Law. He also teaches an International Business course at the University of Prishtina.

Costis Stambolis

Executive Director
Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE)

Born in Cardiff, Wales in 1949 of Greek parents, he was brought up in Greece where he graduated
from the Athens College. He studied Physics and Architecture in London. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Architecture (AA Dip. Grad) from the Architectural Association in London and a professional practice license from the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).
He  has  carried  out  several  projects  on  Renewable  Energy  Sources,  specializing  on  solar  energy applications, on behalf of large multinational companies and international organisations  (e.g. UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank). He has consulted widely on solar building applications in Greece both for private and institutional clients (1977 – 1990).
He has worked as a consultant for various UK and French construction and engineering firms on the introduction of natural gas to Greece (1984‐1992). He has also pursued a career as a specialized  technical writer. He has edited several books,conference proceedings and has published numerous studies and specialized papers  on  energy  policy,  RES  and  energy  markets.  “The  Greek  Energy  Directory” (1984) and“The  Greek  Energy  Market”  (2001),  published  in  association   with  Greece’s  leading  business information company ICAP in June 2001 are considered two basic references on the subject.
He is a founding member of the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE), where he was
elected twice as Chairman. He is currently IENE’s Executive Director. Costis Stambolis is a member of the Institute Energy (UK), The Foreign Press Association (Greece) at the Chartered Institute of Journalists (UK).

Delyan Dobrev

Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism of Bulgaria

Delyan Dobrev was  born  in  1978 in  Haskovo. In  2002 he  received a  degree in  economics from 
the Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, USA. He specialized accounting and finance at the  London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London). Mr. Dobrev is an expert in the management of  European  projects,  financial  and  tax  law.  He  began  his  career  at  KPMG consulting company in Toronto, Canada and Newton Finance Management Group ‐ Sofia, Bulgaria. On his return to Bulgaria, Mr. Dobrev worked for the district government in Haskovo Region and as a project manager of EU funded projects at the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency, Haskovo Regional Court, Alliance for Regional Cooperation and Development, etc. Before his appointment for a deputy minister, he was a Member of Parliament, a member of the Budgeting and Finance committee and the committee on Economic Policy, Economy and Tourism with the Parliament, where he was elected Deputy Chairman. Appointed Deputy Minister on 18 May 2011 untill 21 March 2012 when he is elected for Minister of Economy, Energy and Turism.

Dirk Buschle

Legal Counsel (Head of Legal Affairs, Competition and Environment)
Energy Community Secretariat

Dirk Buschle has been Legal Counsel of the Energy Community Secretariat since 2007. He also serves as the Secretariat’s Deputy Director. Prior to his current position, he was Head of Cabinet of the President of the Court of Justice of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) in Luxembourg.

Dirk Buschle graduated from Constance University, Germany, and earned his Ph.D. at St. Gallen University in Switzerland. He is Deputy Director of that University’s Institute for European and  International Business Law. He has widely published in different areas of European Law and speaks regularly at eminent conferences and universities all around the globe. He also co‐chairs the annual St. Gallen International Energy Forum.

Evgeniya Haritonova

Deputy Minister
Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism of Bulgaria

Deputy Minister Evgeniya Haritonova was born in 1949.   In 1972 she graduades from the Technical
University  of  Sofia,  majoring  in  electrical  engineering.  She  receives  a  postgraduate  qualification  in Management Program in Economy at the University of National and World Economy of Sofia and at Karney (Denmark). From 1995‐1997 Haritonova specializes in the World Bank and in 1999 in PAI and the Univerversity of Bath, London. In 2003 she studies in the Academy for International Economics in Berlin. Evgeniya  Haritonova  starts  her  professional  career  in  1972  at   “Techenergo’’.  She  has  also  held management positions in the National electric company. In 1999, she and her colleagues founded the State Energy Regulatory Commission. Since 2010, she is a member of the commission.  Mrs. Haritonova speaks Russian, German and English languages.

Garret Tankosić‐Kelly

SEE Change Net

In a development career spanning 25 years Mr. Tankosić‐Kelly has led Supreme Court legal challenges leading to the reform of EIA legislation in Ireland, is a Founder Member of the Green Street Trust (Ireland). In a career in the United Nations over 12 years in the Balkans he has resource mobilized and managed programmes in excess of 45 million USD including the largest regional environment programmes established by UNDP in SEE with a portfolio of 15 million USD. In addition Mr. Tankosić‐Kelly conceived of and led a project for the development of a global first, Zero Energy UN Eco House in Montenegro – due to be opened in 2012.  He holds a BA degree and post graduate
qualification in Environmental Management from University College Dublin.

Iskra Mihaylova‐Koparova

Chairman of the Committee on Environment and Water
41st National Assembly of Bulgaria.

Iskra Mihaylova‐Koparova is a Chairman of the Committee on Environment and Water in the 41st
National Assembly of Bulgaria. She has graduated in Russia. After that Iskra Mihaylova‐Koparova has specialized in the U.S., Germany and Britain. She has been an expert in the ministries of Education and Culture and political advisor to the Cabinet in the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. Iskra Mihaylova‐Koparova has been Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works from 2005 to 2009.

Julian Popov

Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza”

Julian Popov holds a Master’s degree in literature from the Sofia University. In 1990 he became the
Executive Director of the New Bulgarin University. He is the founder and director of the Management  School, created jointly with the British Open University Business School. Between 1990 – 1991 Mr. Popov was a Director of Angel Karalijchev Museum in Sofia. He was also a head of department at Fakel – a bimonthly Bulgarian magazine for literature. Since 1994 Mr. Popov and his family have been living in the United Kingdom, where he works as a  consultant in institutional development, public relations and educational policy. Among his clients are the European Back for Reconstruction and Development, the European Commission, the British Open University, The Eruopean Association of Distant Learning Universities, etc.
He is the author of a large number of articles on topics from literature to international relations and politics, editor of several books, translator of Russian poetry from the 1930s. Mr. Popov is a member of the Association of Foreign Press in London, and is also the honorary secretary of Friends of Bulgaria – a British charitable organization, founded in 1990 in order to supply humanitarian aid to Bulgaria.

Lazar Gechevski

Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia

Lazar Gechevski is Director of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia. His career started
at “Rade Koncar”in Skopje where he first served as a Construction and Process‐planning Engineer and then successfully climbed the company ranks to the position of General Manager. In 1991, he founded accompany called “Darvage”where he remained for the following eight years. From 1998‐2000 he served as General Manager of “Rade Koncar” and afterwards at “Darvage”as well. From 2004 to 2008 he taught as guest lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the St. Kiril and Metodij University in Skopje.

Marina Stefanova

Executive Director
Global Compact Network Bulgaria

Marina Stefanova holds a Masters in Law from the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridksi”. She has a specialization from the Cambridge University. Ms. Stefanova is a certified CSR consultant with
UNIDO, member of the Bulgarian mirror Committee for ISO 26000, member of the CSR working group at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, an expert, lecturer and an auditor for international CSR projects. She has been appointed as an executive director of the GCLN Bulgaria of 1 March 2011. Since then she is representing the GC network in Bulgaria and abroad. She is responsible for the overall  management of the organization; strategic and operational planning, budgeting and reporting; development of LN’s program priorities and contacts with the Steering Committee; GC members;
partnering organizations and CSR Europe.

Mark Crandall
Chair of the Board
Continental Wind Partners

Mark founded Morgan Stanley’s energy business in the early 1980s.  In 1993 he became a founding
partner in Trafigura, an energy trading company which grew to €25 billion in sales and 1,000 employees in 58 offices worldwide. In his last several years at Trafigura he was responsible for electricity trading across Europe, which fired his interest in renewable generation technologies and deepened his understanding of the fundamentals of the power markets in Central Europe.  He started CWP in 2005 by investing his own personal funds in Polish and Romanian wind development before eventually bringing in outside capital when CWP was officially formed in 2007.

Milko Kovachev

Minister of Energy and Energy Recourses (2001‐2005)

Milko Kovachev has a degree in energy from the Technical University in Sofia. He consistently works
in Kozloduy NPP (1979‐1982), Technical University (1986‐1992) and again Kozloduy NPP. From 2001 to 2005 he was a Minister of Energy and Energy Resources and a Minister of Economy.

Petar Karaboev

Vice editor in chief
Capital Daily and the online edition of

Peter Karaboev is vice editor in chief of Capital Daily and the online edition of He
has more than twenty years experience in international press journalism and the last ten in a leading Bulgarian press group for business information Econmedia. An author of interviews with  various world leaders, including the President of U.S. George Bush and the President of Israel Shimon Peres, the Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Queen of Denmark H.E. Margrethe II and many others. Recently, Mr. Karaboev specializes in new media, online journalism and online media platforms.

Péter Kaderják

Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research at the Corvinus University of Budapest

Péter Kaderják is the Director of the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research at the Corvinus 
University of Budapest.He received his MSc in economics from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences in 1987. In 1998 he was appointed as Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Economic Affairs and started to work on the liberalisation of the electricity and gas sectors in Hungary. In January 2000 he became the President of the Hungarian Energy Office, the national energy regulator. Between 2000 and 2004 he also served as the Chairman of the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA), an association of energy regulatory institutions of countries from Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS and South East Europe. Since 2004 he has been serving as Training Director for ERRA’s in‐house energy regulatory trainings. He is also directing a postgraduate program in Energy Economics at Corvinus University since 2010. He is research partner in the “European Energy Institute” at University of Leuven and a regular lecturer at the Florence School of Regulation. He has directed several recent research efforts with regional relevance. In 2011 he was appointed as alternate member of ACER’s (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators) Board of Appeal.

Prof. Konstantin Dimitrov

MACEF – Macedonian Center for Energy Efficiency

Prof. Konstantin Dimitrov has over 40 years professional experience in the field of complex
energy, energy efficiency, energy and environmental protection, cogeneration‐combined production of heat and electricity, application of RES and tests for fire resistance of materials and products.  He has written over 450 scientific and professional publications and materials both in the country and abroad. Expert in energy related technical diagnostics and conduced numerous diagnostics and problem identification in the most of the power plants in Macedonia and the energy processing equipment among which are all thermal power plants in the State. Leader of the MACEF’s team preparing the first National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, as well as  preparation of national Energy Efficiency Strategy till 2020, and few national documets from secondary legislation. Was awarded with State award ‐ "The Patent of the  Year for 1988"; "Eureka 98" ‐ Brussels, Golden medal and Special award from Italian Academy of Science "Markoni";1998.

Radmila Damjanovic

Senior Advisor
Ministry of Economy of Montenegro

Radmila Damjanovic was born in 1957 at Niksic, Montenegro. She graduated at the Faculty of
electrical engineering, Podgorica. She worked in the Steel Mill Niksic during period 1981 – 2004. From 2004 she has worked in the Ministry of Economy as a senior adviser. She is responsible for the Department of development and reform of energy sector. She has participated in a big number of projects in the field of energy and has 8 years of experience on energy, renewable energy sources
and sustainable development issues.

Sandrine Dixson‐Declève

EBTP – Steering Committee
University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership

Sandrine Dixson‐Declève is the Director of the EU Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change (EU
CLG) and the Director of the Brussels Office for the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership. The EU CLG was set up in 2007 and brings together business leaders from  a cross section of EU and international businesses to develop policies for tackling climate change. 
Previously, she ran Hart Energy Consulting’s new International Sustainable Energy Exchange (ISEE),  and was the Executive Director, Europe & Africa for HART Energy Consulting from 1998 to 2009, running the International Fuel Quality Center (IFQC), the Global Biofuels Center (GBC), and the World Refining & Fuels Service (WRFS). She has been a personal advisor to several Members of the European Parliament, and advised the European Commission, Governments in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, international organizations including the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and energy and transportation business leaders. She sits on the  Advisory Board of a major African oil company and on the Steering Committee of the European Biofuels Technology Platform and has published numerous articles/presentations on sustainable  energy, climate change and transport, conventional and alternative fuel quality legislation as well as on trade & environment. She holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from l’Universite Libre de Bruxelles and a B.A. in International Relations and French from University California Davis.

Yasen Guev

Director Corporate Affairs
Yassen Guev is GLOBUL Corporate Affairs Director since February 2010. Prior GLOBUL, he has been PR and Corporate Affairs director at CEZ‐Bulgaria, BTC, Euromarket Group and Mak Media. Mr. Guev has graduated with a degree in Hungarian philology and Management from the Sofia University and has taken training programs in the USA, Austria and France. He has a nine‐year experience as a journalist at BNT, Banker Weekly, and Radio New Europe.